Friday, October 26, 2012

Mailbox Down

Our Mailbox Had a Bad Day
What you see in this image is a picture of what our mailbox looked like this morning after I went into work.  Some time between the time I pulled out of our driveway and the time my wife got out of bed, this happened.  The driver, being the courteous and responsible sort (forgive my slight cynicism here),  decided not to come to the door and wake up my sleeping toddler and wife, instead just driving away as if nothing happened.  Yes - this was a hit-and-run situation.

Now, I'm upset that this is the fourth time in a couple of years that we've had to put up a mailbox.  However, I hope that God can find a way into the heart of the person responsible for this, and let said individual know that this has been forgiven.  To repair this will cost me a little bit of time (including fixing any minor damages to the box itself), energy, and less than $50.  The amount of damage done to the vehicle that hit this mailbox will easily surpass that number.  Plus, since there were car parts scattered all over our front lawn, we contacted the police department.  While I doubt the police ever find the person that did this, I hope that God does.  It had to be scary, hitting this mailbox.  I'm sure it made a lot of noise, and hurt their car badly.  It's hard to be genuine in a textual blog, but I hope my message to this anonymous driver doesn't come across as cynical - I really do feel bad for the person that felt like they couldn't take responsibility for this accident.

Because we've had many cases of mailbox baseball, we decided to "armor up" our box a bit.  That 4x4 sheared clean off of its concrete base, so the driver that hit the mailbox had to be travelling pretty fast.  Plus, the post is set back from the road approximately 2 feet, which means they probably jacked up their suspension, too.  We suffered a minor property casualty.  I have to imagine the person that did this has been shaken to their core, at least briefly.  Hopefully, this will make them a little safer of a driver, whoever it was.  Thank God that nobody was standing near that mailbox at the time this happened.

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