Friday, October 10, 2014

Sprint Review

How about that. I haven't written in this blog in over a year. I suppose I have some legitimate things that may have caused this lapse. Probably the first thing on the list is lack of diligence, but I'm back. For now at least.

In software engineering agile development uses something called a Sprint Retrospective. Basically, your team looks at the work originally planned into the sprint, and then compares that with what actually got done. It's a concept of continuous improvement. How do we get better at estimating a sprint and then how do we get better at execution?

I think that the same thing applies to our lives in Christ. As we work on the things the Holy Spirit compels us towards, we should take the opportunity to reflect on the good parts of how we followed through, and also reflect on how we can do better during the next "sprint." We have a best practices guide in our Bibles, we have a product owner in God and we have a scrum master in Jesus. We need to rely on all of these things to have the best sprints we can in life. And in all these things we even get to have our daily scrum stand ups with our prayers and devotional time.

I'm still figuring out how God needs me to work on His scrum team. We all need to adopt the continuous delivery mindset... To always strive to improve our impact as Christians the way God would desire for us.