Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ordinary Miracles

Before I go into my reflections for the day, I would like to ask for prayers for the family of my wife's uncle, who will pass into eternal life in the next few days.

Today, I would have been on time for work, were it not for a Semi driver looking for an enigma of a destination. He blocked the drive to the office and spent a good 10 minutes turning around in much too small of a space. The moment a clearing showed, a car zoomed into the parking lot behind me. That was lesson one, two years ago that was me.

By the time the truck had cleared the portion of the lot where I park, I was already 10 minutes late.  So, I used the next five to go help the very perplexed driver find his way. God worked through me today, putting me in a place where I could help with something so simple. Lesson two. Both say the same thing. What we do in our short time here on earth matters. So, I am going to do a little better not to rush and notice the important things.

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