Thursday, November 1, 2012

Make Good Choices

At my daugter's daycare they regularly tell the children "make good choices."  Sometimes this comes when the children step out of line and need a reminder.  Other times it comes as praise, when in deed they do make good choices.

I think it's important to apply this life lesson into a God-driven life.  For grown ups, we need a reminder sometimes not to step out of line. When we forget our purpose in life came from God, I beleive we can expect him to remind us to make good choices. And, if we decide to stop listening to Him, He might even have to put us in time out. Not because it gives Him pleasure to do so, but because He loves us and wants us to grow up into good people.

We are always growing, learning, and shaping into the spiritual adults that He designed us to be. How we choose to reflect that in every moment proves to our Father that we, too, make good choices.

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