Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why Ask Why?

Because.  God has given each of us inquisitiveness and curiosity. Why is the universe so massive a place?  Why do some parents bury children, and some children bury parents?  Why does everything start at the level of the atom?  In general, questions like these can only be answered in one way - God's way.  So, God wants us to ask why.  All the time, in fact.  If we don't ask why, we don't build our relationships with God.  Asking why isn't a matter of questioning God, though.  You should ask God why He expects you to do something.  You shouldn't tell God you won't do it because you disagree with Him.

If you are unsure as to why God has something in mind for you, though - don't always wait for the answer to the question Why.  For, sometimes the answer comes in fulfilling the purpose in the first place, and by asking why we misplace the trust that God has placed within us.  And, sometimes God wishes to test our loyalty to Him, by not giving us the reason why right away.  So far, one way or another, I always learn the "why" of the "what" that God asks of me.  Though, sometimes it doesn't happen for many weeks or months later.

We have an awesome God that does awesome things.  Some of the things God does are so involved and intricately planned that there's no way we can see why he did them.  However, in asking why, we can do a little bit of a better job to understand Him.  Just remember that, in the end, the first reason to do anything is to glorify Him.  That's the best answer to "Why" - because He desires it from you.

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