Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Sheer Magnitude of Eternity

God wants my time. I do my absolute best to keep Him in everything I do, and in everything I plan on doing. He doesn't need my time though. After all, I cannot possibly learn Spanish, read more, do more artwork (drawing and painting), get better at my chosen career, and work on this blog simultaneously. Funny thing is, God's creation does all of that, and so much more, at exactly the same time. So, while there's lots of things I can do, God can do all of them, and does, at the exact same time.  I know that time management experts have tips and tricks for multi-tasking, but God didn't really design the human brain to be like that.
I am currently reading about God's design of the human brain, in this book: Welcome to Your Brain. It's a bit like a neuroscience for beginners book - which is perfect for me. Something that the book has made fairly obvious - we have powerful brains. But, as I'm typing this blog, my brain is filtering out the other noises and sensations going on around me. It is not mentally, or for that matter physically, possible for me to start working on a drawing and typing at the same time. If I tried to write with one hand, and draw with my other, I'd end up drawing letters and typing words that were in a given shape. As a trifle example: erfcxs is the shape of a circle, typed counterclockwise. Some of you have seen my handwriting. Imagine how much worse it would be if I tried to write something while focusing on also typing something. Eesh.
It's possible to focus our attention in some cases on two things at once, but even that we don't do very well. I imagine that's why dietitians recommend against eating while watching television. The TV has our brain as a captive audience, so we don't really pay attention to how much we're eating, and tend to over-eat more when we do that.

Imagine a life where you could literally do everything you wanted and experience everything you wanted. That's God's eternity for us. If we want to learn more about computer science, we will have plenty of time to experiment and get better at it in eternity, so long as it supports His purpose. I wonder if God has an intranet in heaven... heh. If we want to get better at drawing or painting, we'll be able to learn from the great masters that also believed. Not that we would necessarily need to, the presence of God and His knowledge and ability would certainly be better at teaching us how to create than even the most esteemed of all human creators.

Though I imagine we could learn the history of languages easily while in Heaven, I doubt we will need to learn different languages. My imagination tells me we will all speak a new or different language in Heaven, God's language, and we will all understand each-other implicitly. Language is a barrier to understanding - one that God would have no problem destroying. The Holy Spirit communicates with us regularly in ways that we easily understand. So, once we're surrounded by it and embraced in it, I bet we all understand each other without any need for a translator.

Eternity and our eternal home, Heaven, are too big for human minds to comprehend. The God that made the universe - something so infinite we cannot possibly study all of it - also prepares our homes by His side. Some people I know consider spending time with God a waste of their time, mostly because they have a broken relationship with God. I say that spending time with God is the best use of my time, and that no matter what I'm doing, God is doing it with me too. So, it's better to do something for Him, and do so to glorify Him. I'm human, so I suck at that. But, Jesus came along to make it so that even with my inability to be a perfect saint, my Home in Eternity still waits for me.

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