Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I've got someone from Mexico working on my team right now and he's helping me to brush up on my otherwise abysmal Spanish.  Learning something this completely out of my comfort zone has certainly been teaching me a little bit about myself, not the least of which revolves around humility.  His English is way better than my Spanish, so there's no doubt who the teacher is in this case.  It's not me.

Something I've come to consider as I spend time with a new language is something simple that doesn't even require a translator.  In this country, and many others for that matter, adios is a word that we hear frequently but don't give much additional thought to.  After all, it's pretty commonly known that this word translates to "goodbye" for most of the understanding we have in this country.  However, a different saying that we don't run across as often in the USA is "vaya con Dios" - "go with God".  Notice something about that... the only thing different about "Dios" and "adios" is the letter A.  And, if my understanding of the Spanish language is correct, "A Dios" could literally translate to "with God".  So, I have to wonder if it makes any difference to live in a country where God is such a fundamental part of the daily secular language. Always.  I have to imagine that in Spanish speaking countries, a person would hear the term adios either directly or indirectly dozens of times a day, if not more.  If anything, I think it serves as a subtle reminder that we are always with God.  God never stops watching us and being with us.

I explained my understanding of this concept to my wife a few days ago using Skype as a metaphor.  Imagine for a moment that you have your parents tuned in to watch your child playing.  Certainly, as grandparents, they would definitely enjoy even just watching, because by watching they are still taking part in this experience.  However, how much different is the joy that the grandparents receive when the grandchild on the other end reciprocates the involvement in the activity.  Instead of just knowing that Grandma and Grandpa are watching if the grandchild actively engages with the grandparents, then the connecting bond grows that much stronger.  It's no different for our relationships with God.  His "webcam" is always turned on, and He is always watching us as we take part in our lives.  He enjoys watching us, with no doubt.  But, when we actively engage our interest as part of His interest, this is truly when the purpose of our creation - Love - abounds.

The next time someone says "bye", "see you later", or any other saying similar to "adios" - put the phrase "adios" in your mind.  Then remember that Dios and God are one and the same.  See if you start thinking about your time with God a little differently.  I know I have.

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  1. You are right my friend, adios its go with good, even tough we hear it all the time a lot of people doesn't really realize what it means... they just though its a way to say bye... learning about your everyday things sometimes make them even more enjoyable...